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Distiller Features include:

ILLUMINATED status light - Almost unheard of on a distiller this size! - Tells you when it is making pure distilled water!

STAINLESS STEEL SPLASH OVER DOME PROTECTION: This is simply a piece of stainless steel that blocks splattering of contaminated water from getting directly into the distillation coil , which leads to a higher quality of distilled water. Although its nothing super sophisticated, it does dramatically increase the quality of the distilled water produced. You can slide it in and out of place, to test just how much of a difference it makes during distillation! While covered up, as in the right hand side, this protects splattering of the bad stuff up into the distillation coil, and only allows PURE DISTILLED STEAM to force its way up into the distillation coil! Keeping the yucky stuff in the boiling chamber from splattering up into the coil goes a long ways to producing the best distilled water. On upcoming revision, the splash guard will be inside the coil, and not able to be seen or turned off. This eliminates any possibility of the splashguard being bent if you sit it down wrong, preventing water from going into distiller coil.

Glass container Upgradable: Although this model does not come with a glass container, it can be upgraded to one. Many other models can not. You ask why? Because other units have the filter housing that sits on top of a special made jug, requiring a specially shaped container to hold the filter mechanism. This model has the improved filter that is attached to the top of the distiller, allowing you to potentially use your own glass container under it.

Other improvements are: A little better style connector between the container and the distiller. This helps prevent airlocks from occurring, reducing the chance of spill overs.

A little better style filter This reduces the chance of bacteria growth And has a better filtering quality, making sure a greater percentage of the coconut charcoal comes into contact, filtering the water better. Other styles may allow the water to flow around the filter media, instead of through it! Other distillers on the market with a glass upgradeable receptacles have the water flowing through a paper style filter before going into the glass receptacle. This one does not, it flows through this filter, that does not have paper. These filters tend to last 2 to 3X longer than paper filters. Beware, others on Ebay are selling units with paper filters out of Canada. Paper is one of the dirtiest substances, and is known to release formaldehyde. Why buy a distiller with a 'paper filter'?

Comes with the New Style Filter The new filter weighs 1.4 Oz, 7X heavier & sealed! Less chance of contamination. The old filter .2 Oz

Stainless Steel in the interior where your water touches, composite material on the outside to prevent rust!

The fan housing exterior is made of a composite material ( non metal ) like most distillers The exterior is made of a composite material. Others are made of TIN that rust and dent easily The Bottom Plate is made of a composite material, not metal. This is a place that rusts a lot on units who's exterior is made out of tin, because condensation from the unit tends to collect on the bottom rusting many units out after a period of time that are tin exterior. You will never have the bottom exterior rusting on this. It�s made out of a rust-proof material.

A little bit better reset switch and receptacle

This unit has a little bit better quality stainless finish in the inside of the boiling chamber. The WHOLE INTERIOR IS STAINLESS Higher quality polish, means a better quality taste, less leaching!

Top of Distiller (DOME)

Has an all Stainless Steel Dome with the Splash Protector ( splash protector is now internal and can't be seen on newer models) Also the filter housing that attaches to the distiller, not the receptacle, allowing you to use a glass container under it, although it can be hard finding a thin walled glass container that will fit next to the unit, it does leave the possibility open to allowing the customer to use their own glass container, something you can't do with other brands.

GASKET-LESS COIL Only this type of water distiller has the new gasket-less distillation coil. One less Rubber Gasket to wear out! The old style with the rubber around the coil tube coming into the dome top. Also the new style is less likely to get knocked out of position. Others want to make tons of money off of you after the sale for parts, we like to sell you a product with less parts to break down.

EASIER TO HANDLE JUG A few customers said they had problems with the old jug handle that it was hard to hold. The newer container has made it easier to handle. �Friction bumps� have even been added to the jug, so you can grip it better. Older style units, and competitors have the jug on the right that is harder to grip.

Probably the most common thing to break on most distillers is an internal fuse, that is not easy for the customer to replace. 90% of the small counter top distillers that quit working, do so because of this blown fuse that is hard to change. These are not normal fuses, they are thermal fuses designed to blow at a certain temperature. In our goal of eternal perfection, we have replaced the fuse, with a heat sensitive circuit breaker! So, should the unit overheat, it will shut off, preventing damage, and then after it cools down, it will reset the circuit breaker automatically! No expensive hard to replace fuse! Yet still having a safety device should the main reset button break! A few years ago, the manufacture of these thermal fuses sent out a batch that was bad, and 25 percent of the counter top distillers would fail out of the box within 3 months. This was a problem that stretched across brands. In fact, many of these distillers with the bad fuses are still being sold on Ebay today. And even if you have a good fuse, all it takes is to make one batch of water without letting the typical distiller cool down enough, and the fuse can blow! Our model does not have any fuses ( many times designated by the phrase 'melting point') And as stated before, this is the weakest point on most distillers (thermal fuse) and we have eliminated that problem with a circuit breaker that resets itself! Also, many people on Ebay don't even know their units have a fuse in it. Our new unit has two circuit breakers, totally eliminating the need for the troublesome fuse. One dealers sends 3 fuses with his new units because he has so much trouble with the fuses! Dealers that sell these type of distillers usually stress the word 'repair' a lot!


Capacity up to 1 Gallon in 3 to 3 1/2 hours!

Voltage: 120V

Wattage: 895 Watts

Height of Distiller: 15"

Diameter at base: 8 1/2"

Width of Jug combined with Distiller: 16"

Height of Jug: 7"

300 More Watts of quick distillation power than our other models!

Amp : 7.43@120.5V

PF : 1

Fan Noise: At 2 feet away 58dB A, meter set to slow response. Which is about 2dB quieter than our other model. Fan sound also is of a lower frequency, thus many will find this more ear pleasing than other models.

Comes with :

� 120V Distiller

� 2 filters ( each lasts up to 3 months)

� Bottle of cleaner!

� Power Cord


All in a brand new fresh unopened package!

Same Quality as the best WaterWise distllers. We beat any price of the same quality!!


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